Theresa May visit

Theresa May visits Saudi Arabia to inspire oppressed women

The Prime Minister is travelling to Saudi Arabia to discuss trade and security, saying that she could be an example for the role of women in a society.

Theresa May has said today: "I think it's important for me as a woman leader, and for me as the representative of the United Kingdom, to maintain the relationships that are important to us for our security, for trade and the future."

"But I hope also people that see me as a woman leader will see what women can achieve and how women can be in significant positions," she has said.

Jeremy Corbyn has stated "Numerous human rights organisations, including the UNHRC and Amnesty International, have documented the dictatorial Saudi monarchy's shocking human rights record."

"The Saudi-led coalition bombing in Yemen, backed by the British government, has left thousands dead, 21 million people in need of humanitarian assistance and three million refugees uprooted from their homes."

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