large-headed statues

Yew Tree heads

The Yew Tree heads depict an Easter Island Moai statue, a Central American  Olmec and a Corinthian warrior of ancient Greece.

Michael Kaplan trims the Yew Tree’s six times a year using garden shears and his incredible work has become a hit with locals on the outskirts of Edinburgh. The front garden Yew Tree was “dying back” because of frost and wind damage, so rather than cutting it down he decided to re-invigorate the rather sad-looking bush.

Mr Kaplan has spent the last 20 years working on the three heads.

He said: “About 20 years ago the tree started to become diseased and the top had to be cut off.

"They were looking sad and unfortunate and began to sprout at the bottom so rather than having them cut down I thought maybe I would do something about it.

“I did a bit of research looking at different cultures known for large-headed statues then came up with these three.”

Mr Kaplan added: “I started on them 20 years ago and it was several years before they began to take shape.

"You start off with the basic shape and then get more and more detailed as the foliage fills in the holes.

“It’s a prominent project and I trim the trees six times a year to stop them getting bushy – it takes a whole weekend each time.”

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