treated like Gibraltar

Scotland could be 'treated like Gibraltar'

Scotland would get the Gibraltar treatment from Spain if it votes for independence , Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie has insisted.

Willie said: “The response from the European Union has shown the influence Spain is going to have in negotiations.”

And continues “The situation with Gibraltar is a taste of how an independent Scotland would be treated in any negotiations.”

And again “For the SNP to believe Spain will bend over backwards and just wave Scotland into full EU or EFTA membership is delusional.”

Finally Willie says “The Gibraltar situation should be a hard lesson for the SNP that Spain will look after their own interest.”

A spokesman for Scotland’s Brexit Minister Mike Russell said: “Leading Spanish politicians have been clear they will not oppose an independent Scotland’s place in Europe.”

“It is deeply revealing that, when the issue is about the problems already facing the UK in getting any kind of Brexit deal, Willie Rennie’s first instinct is to use it to attack the case for Scotland having an alternative to the Tories’ hard Brexit.”

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