today's fears:

Today's fears: by the tories

The Conservative fear of teachers not being saved: as a potential legal challenge on the powers to hold a referendum would also run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. Combine this with the cost of a Scottish referendum and it would be enough to put 750 teachers through their probation.

So, Fifteen million pounds / 750 teachers would be (calculator) = £ 20,000 per teacher. That would be 750 teachers, for one year, for the cost of a Scottish referendum.

The Conservative’s real cause for concern: Murdo Fraser said the Scottish economy was “facing a crisis”. “She (Nicola Sturgeon, FM) has made Scotland the highest-taxed part of the UK and created more instability and uncertainty with her threat of a second referendum."

He added: “More than ever, Scotland needs a First Minister in charge who gets back to her desk, ends her obsession with a second referendum, and focuses on her day job.”

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