UK's deficit

Pay off the UK's deficit

Ruth Davidson was one of four Conservative party members to speak during the debate about the cap on child tax credits. In her speech, Davidson said she wanted to put the cap and the rape clause in context.

“We all know that the UK continues to spend more than it can afford borrowing to the tune of £69 billion last year,” she told MSP’s.

“It is the view of members on these benches that, in order to restore public finances, we must eliminate that deficit and then reduce the debt mountain that we as a country have allowed to build up over a period of years. Otherwise, future generations will have to pay our debts.”

MSP’s backed an SNP motion, amended by Labour and the Greens, voting against the policy 91-31.

Scottish Labour’s Kezia Dugdale read out a letter sent to her by a constituent who had been raped.

Dugdale said: “That is the burden this Tory Government wants to put on victims of rape because it doesn’t want to pay for more than two children in a poor family. It is an absolutely sickening state of affairs.

“It’s not the author of that letter, or any other rape victim, who should feel shame. It is those on the Tory benches here and in Westminster who refuse to act who should feel shame.”

The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon said the policy was both “immoral” and “unworkable in practice”, adding: “No woman anywhere should have to prove that she has been raped in order to get tax credits for her child.”

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