Lord Darling

Thanks for the one-liners, darling.

Lord Darling is meeting 'activists' in Edinburgh South with Labour MP Ian Murray on Monday.

The former leader of Better Together said: "Twenty years ago today, a Labour government that transformed the lives of people in Scotland and right across the UK was elected.

"We delivered on our promises, by lifting millions of families out of poverty, investing in schools and hospitals, and introducing a national minimum wage.

"Labour's proud record shows what can be achieved when a government focuses on the day job."

The Lord added: "The priority of a Labour government is always to grow the economy, create jobs, lift people out of poverty and give everybody a fair chance in life, not seeking to divide the country.

"On June 8, people can vote Labour to send Nicola Sturgeon a message that Scotland doesn't want or need another divisive referendum.

"In 2014, we were told that the referendum was a once in a generation event and Scotland voted No by a clear margin. That's the mandate the Nationalists must respect.

"Scotland is divided enough. The majority of people in Scotland believe that together we're stronger by remaining in the UK."

Thanks for the one-liners, darling.

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