The problem with Facebook

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The problem with Facebook is not *just* the loss of your privacy and the fact that it

The SNP will continue to fight for independence

Nicola Sturgeon was speaking to a packed SNP national council in Glasgow this morning. Ms Sturgeon gave a clear message

Parliament vote to protect devolution

Legislation to protect Scotland’s devolved powers has been passed overwhelmingly by the Scottish Parliament.

Votes: 95 Yes with 32 voting No,

Scotland and Wales are within reach of a deal

At today’s Joint Ministerial Committee (Plenary) meeting, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has called on the Prime Minister to recognise and

Devolution to be protected post Brexit

Continuity Bill introduced.

An EU Continuity Bill has formally been introduced to the Scottish Parliament to protect devolution and prepare Scotland’s

Income Tax Reforms benefit lowest earning taxpayers

Scottish Income Tax

More than two thirds of income taxpayers will pay less tax next year on their current income, Finance

Full Scottish with @Dr_PhilippaW and @glasgowcathcart

Broadcasting Scotland: Homepage

We are delighted to be returning to your screens with the Full Scottish live from our new

Scottish budget - NHS, economy and the low paid to benefit

Scotland’s NHS, the economy, public sector workers and the low paid will benefit from the Scottish budget, Finance Secretary Derek

Nicola Sturgeon says no alternative to European single market

Nicola Sturgeon said on Sunday there was a "golden opportunity" to argue for Britain to remain in the European single

Nicola Sturgeon has made clear that an EU exit without a deal is unthinkable

The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon has made clear that a Brexit without a deal is unthinkable and has said that

Release of Scottish Executive papers from the year 2002.

Files at the National Records of Scotland, opened for the first time, show details about the third full year of

Public services protected despite cuts to Scotland’s block grant.

Budget: Local Government funding settlement

Local authorities will receive more than £10.5 billion in 2018-19, Finance Secretary Derek Mackay has announced,

Preparations underway for ‘Continuity Bill’.

Preparations underway for ‘Continuity Bill’.

The Scottish Government will press ahead with preparations for a ‘Continuity Bill’ if significant changes are


Brexit, Irish Borders and the Scottish Question

@RobertJSomynne Video Columnist

Hello and welcome to International a set of wee videos on the national newspaper online providing short sharp


The Only Game in Town

North Ayrshire PPP funding deal

In this documentary on PFI/PPP, Reporter Campbell Martin reveals potential criminality and establishment cover-up in a

My Day In The Council Chambers – Debates and Disbeliefs

by David Patterson @DavidpSNP

This article originally appeared on: https://davesworld2017.wordpress.com/

June 28th 2017. This date doesn’t really

SNP win most council seats as Labour’s star fades

The number of council seats won by the party’s     •    SNP: 431 (+7)     •    Scottish Conservatives: 276 (+164)     •    Scottish

Thanks for the one-liners, darling.

Lord Darling is meeting 'activists' in Edinburgh South with Labour MP Ian Murray on Monday.

The former leader of Better Together

Theresa found safe and well

The PM has been accused of 'hiding from the public' again after being found in a Scottish forest in Crathes.

Pay off the UK's deficit

Ruth Davidson was one of four Conservative party members to speak during the debate about the cap on child tax

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