election fraud

14 current Tory MPs could be prosecuted

After the Conservative Party was fined a record £70000, Tory MP's could be prosecuted over 2015 spending.

At least 14 current Tory MPs could be prosecuted over campaign spending during the upcoming June 8th general election campaign. The CPS has confirmed it has received election fraud files from 14 separate police forces, signalling at least 14 MPs are accused. Deadlines on whether to bring charges in these cases expire around the end of May and early June, a CPS spokesman said.

The police began investigating more than two dozen Conservative MPs after it emerged that they had benefited from buses packed with party activists, but did not declare the costs. Not declaring all election spending is a criminal offence and the MPs involved and their agents face one year in jail and an unlimited fine if convicted.

Professor Justin Fisher of Brunel University, has told the Mirror today: "I suspect they will stand but you wouldn’t want to be in their position.

“If they are charged and it happens quickly, I suspect they would stand down. If it doesn’t happen sufficiently quickly, I suspect they will carry on regardless because it will be too late to change the candidate.

“If we see charges then, politically, it will be very, very damaging.

"The biggest threat to the Tories in most of these seats comes from the Liberal Democrats .

"The election could turn out to be a considerable miscalculation if a lot of them are charged in the immediate period before the general election.”

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