Scotland's corner

"strong voices" to fight Scotland's corner

The First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon has dismissed claims she is avoiding talking about Scottish independence.

"My opponents are ridiculous. They go from accusing me of talking about independence too much to accusing me of not talking about it enough," Ms Sturgeon said.

"The issue at this election campaign is quite clear - how do we make sure we have strong voices arguing Scotland's corner at Westminster and also backing our Scottish Parliament.

"On independence, the mandate that we sought and won last year in the Scottish election is there, the Scottish Parliament has now voted to back that mandate, so the question in this election is do we allow the Tories to determine who chooses Scotland's future or do we send a clear message that it should be our Parliament and the people of Scotland who determine Scotland's future?"

The First Minister, has framed the general election vote as being between the Conservative party at Westminster and the Scottish Parliament.

"If you vote Tory, then you are voting to strengthen the hand of Theresa May, to impose more austerity, more cuts, to impose policies like the rape clause," she said.

"We need to back our own Parliament as well.

"This election, in many ways, is a choice between the kind of country we want Scotland to be.

"Is it one determined by a increasingly right-wing Tory party or is it one determined and shaped by our democratically-elected Parliament here in Scotland?

"That's the choice."

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