Human Rights

Scotland Makes New Human Rights Declaration

More than 100 groups which include trade unions, national charities and professional bodies from across Scotland have joined together to launch a new Scotland Declaration on Human Rights. Backed by the Scottish Human Rights Commission and The Equality and Human Rights Commission, it comes as new research shows people in Scotland are broadly supportive of human rights.

The report by @ScotHumanRights on attitudes to human rights in Scotland PDF


Human rights is a subject devolved to Scotland by the Scotland Act 1998. The Scottish Parliament also has competence to observe and implement international human rights treaties. We work within that legal framework.
In Scotland, civil and political rights are protected by the Human Rights Act 1998 and provisions in the Scotland Act 1998. These rights come from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).
Other rights are also recognised under international treaties which apply to Scotland. These are mainly economic, social and cultural rights. They include rights relating to employment, housing, health, education and adequate standards of living.

Scottish government policy: Human Rights

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