BBC Bias Demo

BBC Bias Demo - David McGuinness

Going to hand you over to Mr David McGuinness.

Good afternoon folks on behalf of the organisers i.e. me, and Graham and David thank you all for coming out this afternoon. I’m a wee bit nervous, I’m no a public speaker and I'm going to come at this from a slightly different angle from everybody else although it's still going to be along the lines of propaganda but I’d like to come at this from the angle what propaganda does to the psyche of the nation.

Now 2012 and when the referendum campaign kicked of I started chapping doors and one of the things that struck me when I was chapping doors was people had the impression that Scotland had nothing to offer the world and couldnay stand on its own two feet.

I was on doorsteps, I was absolutely gobsmacked that there was generations of people who thought that we had nothing to offer the world even though we had invented the modern world, and that we can put squarely on the shoulders of that institution behind you all.

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