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The National debate: Scotland's place in the EU and UK

David from UK Unity headed to the offices of The National to debate Shona Craven (@shonacraven) and Stephen Paton (stephenpaton134) over Scotland's place in the world.

Iain Kerr 5 days ago:

Not much of a debate. David was allowed to state his position of UK good Independent Scotland bad virtually unchallenged. His whole argument was emotional and basically empty of facts, particularly economic or even the democratic deficit was not addressed. Scotland gets what England votes for, is completely unacceptable. Whilst he acknowledged that the UK was failing he quite rightly blamed the elected MP's - by saying something like its not the institutions but the people who run them that is the problem. A patently obvious statement of the truth. However as long as these people have no interest in being fair in their dealings then they fail everyone. Only solution is to be independent as the majority of elected officials don't care if the people who live in Scotland are treated fairly or are abused. To an extent they have the same attitude to those who are not wealthy and live in the UK. We cant stop the English voting Tory but we can leave them to it, and create a fairer place where wealth is shared more equitably and no-one is simply left to rot.

Peter Curran 6 days ago:

I'm a totally committed Scottish nationalist. I haven't seen the videos - yet - of UK Unity that some have complained of, but I think David presented his views here moderately and non-aggressively. They're not simplistic and have some structure to them. I disagree with them, but they undoubtedly reflect the views of a lot of unionist Scots voters and a huge chunk of rUK voters. The debate was conducted by both sides in a much more civilised fashion than the majority of MSM media debates. More of this should be encouraged - it does nobody any service to sneer or present it as a joke.

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