The missing Tories

Where are the Scottish Tories on Brexit

Robert Somynne looks at why have the Scottish Tories been so absent in discussions around Brexit.

The Scottish Tories are being heavily criticised for their lack of engagement in the Brexit debate.

Their low role in being able to help mitigate the damage that Brexit will clearly do to the Scottish economy. I think it's important to find the sources of the origins from why the Scottish Tories have this position really, it has its roots in what Ruth Davidson has consistently been saying after the indyref as well as in the run up to several Scottish elections this sees Scotland trying to reemerge within the context of a new Britannia and Empire 2.0.

In the view of Scottish Tories they want to bring back the idea of Scotland as an invention of Britain, having its role as the loyal lieutenant of the British Empire the new empire made up mostly of arms trade deals to the Middle East as well as poorly negotiated trade deals in Asia.

A bright new future in which Scotland will play a loyal submissive role, the sort of backup in a new raj all over the globe, and of course it has its roots in the idea of Scotland being involved in a short bred stratagem marketing, to keep Scotland. Whisky, shortbread, golf, stag hunting and resorts have nothing much to do with a new vision for Scotland that the Scottish government has been trying to pursue…


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