Tim Farron visits Edinburgh

Joining in on the campaign trail in Edinburgh today Tim said: “I’m disappointed in Ruth. The problem is either she isn’t the decent person I suspected she might be or she’s really quite weak and the Scottish party is being run by a Conservative Government at Westminster and they take no notice of Ruth Davidson. 

“That’s why she needs to stand up to Theresa May, if she believes Theresa May is wrong she needs to say so and if she can’t persuade her quietly she needs to object noisily.”

When referring to the 2014 Scottish independence referendum result, he was very clear when he said: "We need to respect the will of the people of Scotland which was very clear 55%-45% on the basis of a prospectus that, to be fair to the SNP, was very clear. 

"It wasn't like the lie on the side of the bus that we dealt with in regard to Brexit it, was actually a very clear prospectus. It was rejected.

"And it's very clear to me that the SNP were delighted by the outcome of the Brexit referendum because it gave them an opportunity to have another go at the thing that they're most obsessed about and I don't think we should do anything to encourage that."

Tim said the Scottish Government no longer has a mandate for another referendum and added: "My sense, though, is that this is not the time for another referendum. If you believe passionately that Scotland should be independent, I totally respect that. There may a time in the future that could be discussed again.

"It's just a bit transparent. We have this existential crisis almost in the United Kingdom in every part of it when it comes to our relationship with the rest of Europe. The impact it's going to have on our significance as a country, as a collection of nations, our peace and security potentially and in terms of our prosperity.

"To undermine an effort which we're trying to get behind, to give people the chance to remain in European Union through a referendum on the deal - to undermine that, to pursue the SNP obsession is damaging to Scotland as well as the rest of the United Kingdom. We're not having any truck with that."

Mr Tim Farron is the UK Liberal Democrat party leader.

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