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Scotland CAN be an independent Country – My view

by David Patterson @DavidpSNP

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Historically and presently, Scotland has questions and reservations that have been put forward regarding their case to break away from the rest of the U.K. There are many variables to becoming an independent nation and can be very complicated. I want to write about the practical and efficacious case in which our nation can become independent away from the rest of the U.K.

First of all, it seems more and more that people across Scotland are wishing to deter Scotland from self determination. The people that don’t want us to govern ourselves seem to like the status quo. They prefer to being ruled by an extreme, austerity-ridden government. But this week’s General Election has taken a turn for the worse. The story now is that, due to a hung parliament and a lesser ‘strong and stable’ mandate. The Conservatives find themselves having to be propped up by the Democratic and Unionist Party. A party in Northern Ireland which has odious views on homosexuality and abortion rights.

Theresa May would be on our television (not debating with other politicians) but standing at a podium, surrounded by hand picked audience members telling anyone who would care to listen that Labour and the SNP’s hint of a coalition would be complete and utter chaos. It is now apparent that the coalition of chaos is the one she plans to form with the DUP. Our bias media refuse to pick up on this and broadcast the links of the Northern Irish party to the UDA and terrorist organisations. If Labour and the SNP had formed a coalition, Rupert Murdoch and co would have broken fingers with printed, slanderous hatred. I thought the days of hatred, right wing propaganda would be over but it seems it is beginning all over again and there is enough people pushing it than not.

Scotland is renowned around the world for their innovation. They have invented the tyre (Dunlop of Dreghorn) which is around the corner from where I live and where the First Minister of Scotland was born and raised. They invented the telephone, the television, penicillin and many more. An ONS report researched and claimed that Scotland was the best educated country in Europe in 2014. It would take a very uneducated person to say that Scotland does not have the brains nor the braun to go at it alone.

In 2014 Johann Lamont, leader of the Scottish Labour Party said on TV that the Scottish people were not genetically programmed to make political decisions, therefore all decisions relating to the independence referendum should be made by Westminster. This car crash interview sealed her fate and she resigned not long after. It’s people like that that bring our great nation down. It’s TV stations like STV, ITV, BBC Scotland and Sky News that make it difficult for our views to be heard. That’s why I’m writing this. If you can, please make this blog go as far and wide as you possibly can. Retweet, share, copy and paste as I write about the reasons we can be a prosperous, independent country.

The Scottish parliament held a vote, once section 30 had been triggered. The vote was to determine if our MSP’s wanted another Scottish referendum or not. The vote was 69 in favour and 59 not in favour. This is a favourable mandate for a second referendum and one which no Conservative or Labour MP or MSP can deny.

There are still certain issues to be addressed before we put an ‘X’ on our ballot papers. Lots of formalities must be addressed. Currency is an issue with most people but for me it is not a priority. The pound was established when Scotland and England entered the union together in 1707 and is as much ours as it is there’s. It’s no secret that the SNP want to enter talks with the EU about re-entering membership as 62% of the Scottish electorate voted to remain. Ruth Davidson campaigned to remain and so did Kezia Dugdale who called the First Minister the day after the EU referendum to state her concerns and made a slight indication that she may drop opposition attacks against the SNP should Scotland want to break away from the UK and re enter the European Union. There are rumours of a Scottish Central bank, which would be the most popular decision. The idea would be to form a temporary transitional bank of the union and then latterly transcend into a central bank in Scotland which holds the Scottish pound. It makes sense that this should be the approach we take.

Over the past couple of years, there has been many, many debates and discussions regarding Scotland’s sustainability to be an independent country within the EU. Now people will also counter that, how can Scotland be an independent nation and have to ‘answer’ to Brussels? My view on that is clear. The UK government are proposing ripping up the Human Rights Act, the Dubs amendment and the Eden project. The regulations and acts which the EU held over the UK is what kept us all fair and it also kept the Tories in check. Giving them a free hand to do what they like is scrapping the workers rights, human rights etc. They will obliterate our rights and the EU were the only safe place we had to hold them to account. We’ve now lost that. Which is why we must leave the UK.

There are talks and debates about how Scotland can financially sustain an economy. It will be a risk, there is no doubt about that but it’s our risk. Denmark is an independent country and have just cleared their debt. The talks closely look at trading and who would trade with us and why would we leave the UK when they’re our biggest trading partner. Good point. Although every question that is being asked about Scotland can be counter-asked with the rest of the UK on the uncertainty of brexit. The EU is their biggest trading partner so what makes them different to us. They will lose their place in the single market and will have to look elsewhere for trade or pay heavy tariffs.

Trading with Scotland will not be a big issue, the rest of the UK will still trade with a Scotland within the EU because geographically it makes perfect sense. Right now trading costs consist of shipping, transport, and possible tariffs. The EU regulations on tariffs will still need to be discussed but the rest of the UK will be begging to trade with Scotland as it is ‘just up the road’. No shipping costs and no border delays. It makes business sense for both Scotland and the rest of the UK. Nothing will change.

Scotland’s exports (not including gas and oil) was £27.5 billion in 2014. Last year Gin exports were £400 million and beer exports were £470 million. £5 billion in whisky to the UK in tax and exporting whisky is at £1 billion. Exports to the rest of the world are £16.4 billion, to EU it is £12.3 billion and to the rest of the UK it is £49.8 billion. But I can assure you that in an independent Scotland, all of those figures will rise. Especially the rest of the UK, as I touched on prior. We can discuss facts and figures forever but what is clear is that so as if there are only a man and his dog in Scotland fighting for independence then the fight will never be over and judging on the Independence march on June 3rd, there is certainly and appetite for it.

There will be politicians, unionists, TV news presenters and the usual tabloids trying their best to put us off. But my message to them is this… We are a beautiful country, we have had enough of being governed by the Tories. It is turning into a dictatorship and has never been a democracy. What we vote for we never get. We have had enough and this will never go away. The next generation wants it and it will happen. We see through all your lies and rhetorical narratives. You can cut, cut and cut until we have no money left, but we will always have hope, we will always have the fight in us to hold you to account and counter it with a fairer more prosperous solution.

You can have your coalition of chaos with the DUP, you have to work with their backward thinking policies for the next 5 years and I hope they make it hell for you. Your 12 Tory MP’s that were elected in Scotland won’t even be able to pass any votes due to EVEL. Things are falling around you and I promise that you have taken Scotland for granted for too long. It is time for us to leave the sinking ship of the UK and look forward to a brighter, fairer future.

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