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Scotland could remain in EU

The European Parliament’s constitutional affairs committee has published research saying there was enough "constitutional flexibility" for Scotland and Northern Ireland to remain in the EU ahead of independence referendums being held.

Last night, the Scottish government said the report showed a desire in Brussels for Scotland to remain in the EU.

A Scottish government source said: “It’s quite clear from the tone that Brussels is open to the idea of Scotland keeping its place in Europe, in line with the way people here voted, even if that was conditional on the outcome of the independence referendum. That openness contrasts with the Tory intransigence we have seen from Westminster.

"But the bottom line is that people in Scotland will be given a choice on this country’s future, in line with the cast-iron democratic mandate which exists for holding the referendum, which we hope will be strengthened when parliament votes on the issue this week.”

The European Parliament report has stated that Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man had separate arrangements with the EU. The territories, which are British dependencies, are not in the EU, but have access to the Customs Union.

The research commissioned by the committee suggested there was scope for Scotland and Northern Ireland to remain in the EU ahead of an independence referendum in the two countries.

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