Great Repeal Bill

Scottish Government set to block the Great Repeal Bill

Today, the Great Repeal Bill has been published by the UK Government.

Scottish Brexit minister Mike Russell has responded by saying that: "This white paper for this Brexit bill leaves many important questions unanswered, such as the nature of the powers for the Scottish Parliament, and the need for the consent of the Scottish Parliament under the Sewel convention."

Mike Russell continued: "In all other areas where powers already belong to the Scottish Parliament the white paper continues to threaten that in areas such as agriculture, fisheries and the environment, powers will be taken by the UK Government after Brexit." 

"For the UK government to seek to impose legislative frameworks on these areas would be to take the unprecedented step of extending its powers over Scotland and must not take place. The Scottish Parliament's competences must not be diminished as a result of Brexit."

The First Minister's spokesman, when asked if a legislative consent motion against the whole of the bill would be granted, replied: "We have no intention of facilitating or enabling the removal of powers from this parliament."

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