Low-Carbon Heat Conference

Star Renewable Energy will join the Low-Carbon Heat Conference 2018

Scottish Renewables Low-Carbon Heat Conference 2018 takes place on 24th April 2018 in Glasgow, boasting an impressive program of expert speakers and topical discussions. Dave Pearson, the Director of Star Renewable Energy, has been invited to share his unrivaled knowledge and expertise on renewable heating alongside other professionals from the renewable energy sector, researchers , lecturers and government officials.

The conference will take stock of recent policy changes in Scotland which directly affect low carbon heat and renewable energy, and look for solutions to the many barriers the industry faces today. Key decisions to be discussed include a successor scheme for the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) and identifying key steps to follow the Scottish Energy Strategy and UK Clean Growth Strategy.

Scotland has debatably taken the lead across the nation for investment in clean energy projects, especially district heating. With an abundant supply of natural resources, a unique blend of rural and urban areas and a demanding climate, the country has seen innovation across the board and can deliver its successes wider across the UK.

Dave Pearson said ahead of the conference, “It’s vital that ministers and industry professionals come together at events like this to discuss key topics about the future of renewable heat. The message that clean heat is well served with heat pumps – ground, air or water source up to 90 degrees C. As we see projects supported by the LCITP (Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Program) for example, it is critical we use these projects not just to demonstrate technical abilities but to sign post the societal and bureaucratic aspects that are inadvertently far too challenging.”

The conference is made up of four key discussion panels to evaluate new strategies, examine current and future possible innovations and decide how to overcome the number of challenges faced by the renewable energy sector. Mr Pearson is a speaker in the ‘Breaking Down the Barriers’ session and will explain the legal, planning and other non-financial challenges faced by innovating clean heat companies.

The key issues that will be covered during the sessions are: 

What are the key next steps following the Scottish Energy Strategy and UK Clean Growth Strategy?

How should consumers be incentivised beyond 2021?

What are the other challenges facing low-carbon heat projects and how can they be addressed?

Will the Scottish Government’s regulatory plans for district heat increase uptake and lower costs?

What opportunities for innovation in heat arise from the UK Government Industrial Strategy and from the next network price control period?

In addition to the conference programme, Scottish Renewables Low –Carbon Heat Conference 2018 also hosts an exhibition featuring some of the biggest names in Scottish energy. The event is designed to attract funding bodies, academia, industry and supply chain, local and national government, but anyone with an interest in developing low carbon heat in Scotland can attend.

The event takes place at The Studio, central Glasgow on 24th April form 9am- 4.15pm.

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