Get involved in Mark MacNicol’s new feature film

A recently widowed father is struggling to cope with his grief as well as his two teenage daughters. The youngest has developed a fear of daylight – The eldest died when she was a baby.

Would you like to see the investor outline? Investor Introduction video here

CLICK HERE to receive investor outline detailing following (70% Refund, Share Certificates, Equity, Perks, Profit Projections, Budget, Cast & Crew, Plot Summary, Supernatural Drama, Research, Daylight, Locations).

We applied for and received clearance on to a programme called Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme ‘SEIS’. It’s designed to give flagging industry sectors like film a boost.

As a result any investment in Mark’s new feature film is very low risk thanks to a 70% refund (regardless of the film making a profit or not) by combining SEIS 50% with the film fund of 20%.

In summary we’re giving you the opportunity to potentially make a profit, support the arts (in particular the struggling film sector) and also have some fun too. In addition we’re giving young people from socially excluded areas work experience on the film.

visit Mark's website http://markmacnicol.com/

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