Universal Basic Income Explained

In a world where jobs are being increasingly taken over by machines, leaders have started to recognize that the welfare safety net will need to change. Advocates of universal basic income believe that the unconditional offer of a regular, though tiny, sum of money could help many get back on their feet, and even encourage them to invest in new business ideas.

Steve Hanson 1 week ago

Honestly i think it's inevitable. Robots take more and more jobs each day, and the trend seems to be that it'll get worse.  Pretty soon there will be no jobs that robots can't do,  and people will still need income.  Call it lazy or whatever you want, but   unless you own the robot your jobs on The line too.

Brian Hawkins 1 week ago

Here in the US we seldom use actual paper dollars and coins any more.  Most transactions are done digitally with debit and credit cards.  You could get UBI credits on a card as well.  UBI not being taxable.  UBI also not being transferable to cash.  We have a crisis coming and UBI may be the solution.  Robotics and machine learning are replacing workers.  Some how we have to get the revenue generated by robotics and machine learning to be used to fund UBI.  As well as taxes, increased GDP,  and govt. spending.

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