The Only Game in Town

MacAulay Gibson

Published on Oct 3, 2017

In this documentary on PFI / PPP, Reporter Campbell Martin reveals potential criminality and establishment cover-up in a PPP schools contract now costing taxpayers over £1m every month.

public comments...

I'm interested in who would have the power to silence the Fiscal, the Police etc in this case? Surely requires a public inquiry and further investigation by another police force from outside the area? Didn't this School have a closure as bits of the gym were falling to pieces fairly recently? Great reporting Campbell and a damning indictment of privateering, fraud and misconduct in a public office.

I have found out this year that North Ayrshire awarded a contract but failed to research what they were actually getting. Turns out that it’s too expensive to pull out of it so it has to run its course. Utterly shocking and a total disgrace. An utterly shambolic council they do need investigating in every area

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