Fluffys coup

Is there a coup being plotted David Mundell

Indycar Gordon Ross 22 01 18


Kav dog 6 days ago
Makes the whole NI Stormont collapse to be more convenient, have they any intention of restoring the assembly? Judging by this post it is part of the larger plan to invoke direct rule on all the devolved legislatures. Even on the NI weekly round up show 'The View' they were asking the question of the relevance of the NI assembly given that it's been out of action for about a year now and quote "the sky hasn't fallen in". Starting to look like there's a grand Westminster plan in action and it really is quite worrying

Ruth Guthrie 5 days ago
I don’t think there’s any ifs about it Gordon. He’s a sneaky, snidy wee teacher’s pet. Very interesting and telling report of what is going on behind the scenes. I’ve got such a rant going on in my head that I better shoosht it fir noo.

Rory Winter 5 days ago (edited)
They won't do it through confrontation. Most likely they'll rig the next Holyrood elections to ensure that the SNP loses. That's when they'll take over claiming a 'democratic mandate'.

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