Scotland Calling ... Estonia

Estonia is proof of what happens when a nation takes control of its destiny and embraces the future.

Just over 30

Phantom Power - Journey to Yes #23

A brighter future.

Jenny says Yes. Jenny Constable is a freelance journalist from Glasgow and a very British family with members

Phantom Power - Journey to Yes #22 - Clive Ponting

Phantom Power.

Published on Nov 12, 2018

Clive Ponting says Yes. Clive Ponting is the original British whistleblower. Long before Assange and

NATION Norway - the twin nation

Phantom Power. Published on Nov 5, 2018

The Norway film tells the story of Scotland’s twin nation. We have the same population,

Better dark money than a Corbyn government

Dateline 2018: Episode 3.

Donald Trump shocks the world as he apologises unreservedly for the unmitigated disaster that's been his presidency

Faroe Islands - the connected nation

NATION 1 Faroe Islands - the connected nation.

The first in a series of films with Lesley Riddoch exploring Scotland's inspiring

SCOTIA with Michael Gray and Robert Somynne

SCOTIA is a new live audience show hosted by independent journalists Robert J Somynne and Michael Gray, alongside film-maker Phantom

Where are the Scottish Tories on Brexit

Robert Somynne looks at why have the Scottish Tories been so absent in discussions around Brexit.

The Scottish Tories are being

A Costly Dividend: Examples for Scotland’s Sovereign Wealth Fund

Robert J Somynne @RobertJSomynne Video Columnist

This week we look at three examples of sovereign wealth funds

Is there a coup being plotted David Mundell

Indycar Gordon Ross 22 01 18


Kav dog 6 days ago Makes the whole NI Stormont collapse to be more convenient, have

The Only Game in Town

MacAulay Gibson

Published on Oct 3, 2017

In this documentary on PFI / PPP, Reporter Campbell Martin reveals potential criminality and establishment

Journey to Yes #20

Phantom Power

Published on Jan 17, 2018

Nina and Craig say Yes. North-East England voted emphatically to leave the European Union

Yes Scotland Iron Sky

This video is often blocked by the BBC on youtube. Yes Scotland Iron Sky from vimeo.


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Taking a Madrid position

Robert Somynne: Why has Guy Verhofstadt taken the side of Madrid

With over eighty percent turnout in the last Catalan elections

Universal Basic Income Explained

In a world where jobs are being increasingly taken over by machines, leaders have started to recognize that the welfare safety

The National debate: Scotland's place in the EU and UK

David from UK Unity headed to the offices of The National to debate Shona Craven (@shonacraven) and Stephen Paton (stephenpaton134)

RT UK - Live

RT UK broadcasts from our London Studio, focusing on the issues that matter most to the UK. We bring a


Why has BBC Scotland persistently refused to pursue Ruth Davidson?

Published on Nov 16, 2017

Why has BBC Scotland persistently refused to pursue Ruth Davidson?

An excellent short video on lack of


Nicola Sturgeon Opening Remarks @ #INET2017

A global network of innovative scholars

At the Institute for New Economic Thinking, we advance sound economic ideas to better serve


JOURNEY TO YES #19 - Bryce says Yes

Bryce says Yes. Bryce believes true independence for Scotland can only be achieved with a commitment to abolish the British