ALTERED STATE: Reflections on Scotland's First Independence Referendum

ALTERED STATE: Reflections on Scotland's First Independence Referendum. Part 1: How to Steal a Country in 10 Days. This episode


The power grab is underway

POWER GRAB - The Threat to Scottish Democracy. 20 years after devolution and the creation its own Parliament, Scotland now


Lighting Up The Queensferry Crossing

On Monday night, the First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon led a procession of vintage and modern vehicles on to

Get involved in Mark MacNicol’s new feature film

A recently widowed father is struggling to cope with his grief as well as his two teenage daughters. The youngest



A pro-independence guide to the Scottish local elections with James Kelly.

Published on May 3, 2017

James Kelly of Scot Goes Pop


Jeremy Bernard Corbyn 'What Was Done'

Bonnie Prince Bob reflects on the political history that led to the appointment of England’s greatest ever Prime Minister ‘Jeremy


Quick video educating you about Scottish independence

Liam Henderson says on youtube: Great video. The depressing thing is that since Brexit, support for Scottish independence doesn't appear


Conservative vision for the future

Nicola Sturgeon has suggested Theresa May called a snap general election before alleged Tory expenses fraud in 2015 "catches up

Labour victory is pie in the sky

Voters in Scotland will have to choose between the SNP or the Tories, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon warned yesterday, describing


FM Nicola Sturgeon on PM and General Election 2017

FM Nicola Sturgeon on PM and General Election 2017 - and #indyref2

Nicola Sturgeon has accused Theresa May of using a


Assessment of latest gas attack

Peter Ford, UK's former ambassador to Syria, gives his assessment on latest gas attack in Syria.

For further information here are


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